With family and friends gathered,  Christmas is a perfect time to plan your Croatian cruise summer holiday. As Croatian cruise specialists, we have something for everyone: family and best budget packages, great itineraries, pre-cruise options, and even maiden voyages. Roam the spectacular Adriatic Sea and enjoy the perfect Croatian island-hopping cruise this summer!


With its 6000 km long coastal line and its 1000 islands, Croatia seems to be tailor-made for island hopping. Actually, mega-ships can’t even approach most of the spectacular Croatian coastal and island destinations. And this is where the small cruise ships excel! Our luxury small cruise ships unlock the beauties of the South Dalmatian coast, its historic cities, its charming Mediterranean way of life and its pristine nature. The possibilities just keep popping up: away from the crowded hotel resorts and hustle of traffic jams, into the amazing sunsets and receding horizons. Enjoy the swim stops in the pristine hidden bays en route, explore the rich history of the island and coastal Croatia’s cities and towns, sample the local cuisine, mingle with locals, soak in the sun and get a taste of the authentic Croatian way of life.


Our growing fleet consisting of brand new luxury small cruise ships guarantees both luxury and safety. Constructed in Croatia in accordance with the latest industry standards, our ships offer many great amenities: completely equipped and spacious modern cabins, various decks, bar, lounge area, restaurant, Jacuzzi aboard a sun deck, swimming platforms, outdoor showers and much else.

If the itinerary is your prime concern, check out our one-way and round cruises. Take a peek at our pre-cruise package which includes a trip through Slovenia and Croatia as a perfect intro to your unforgettable Croatian cruise summer vacation.

All of our ships are made to satisfy your refined cruise expectations. With a maximum of 40 passengers and an experienced all-Croatian crew of six, you will definitely feel like your cruising aboard a luxury private yacht. A perfect choice for the ultimate island-hopping Croatian cruise and unforgettable holiday!


Ambassador Travel is a Dubrovnik-based travel company. Besides being Croatian cruise specialists, we are here to save you time and energy and organize any and all travel arrangements you might need before and after your holiday: transfers, excursions, accommodation and much else. Our team of experienced professionals is at your disposal, ready to tailor your Croatian vacation according to your wishes and needs.

Come aboard and we’ll unlock Croatia for you!

We hope you enjoy spending a relaxing time with your friends and family this holiday season. Have a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2021!